Looking for a job? We want ewe.

Have you always wanted to work for an agency?

Are you a talented marketer? A great designer? A creative problem solver? Passionate about websites and digital marketing strategies and looking for a place to sharpen your chops? Do you really want to contribute? Have you always known you were meant to work for an agency? NoSleepForSheep is a small flock of passionate, creative web designers and digital marketers. We are growing by leaps and bounds and may have a place for you in our flock.

If you know that all sheep are both followers and leaders then you’ll probably understand where we’re coming from and know how to help get us where we want to go. We don’t believe in bosses, so to speak, (at least not the bossy kind), we aren’t hung up on titles and we know darn well that you never know who’s going to have the best answer to any given question so we’ll give YOU a chance to speak up.

Things to know before you ask if we’d like to have you in our flock:

*Cover letters matter. We’re not going to give you the formula for writing one, though. Just the heads’ up that without one, we’re not likely going to look at your portfolio.

*Portfolios matter too. Whether you’re a social strategist, a developer, a designer or even a project manager, we’re expecting to see something you’ve done before.

*We will Google you. If you don’t exist on the web, we’ll wonder why. If you do, but you’re on hard core privacy lock down, we’re really going to wonder why.

Still think you have what it takes? We’d love to hear from you.

NoSleepForSheep is currently hiring for:


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