Fox Moving and Storage

Website Redesign & Digital Marketing Strategy

Fox Moving and Storage‘s previous website was a non-mobile-friendly website in a mobile-friendly world. Mobile usage has been on the rise for years and is only going up as smart phones and tablets become more accessible to the masses. Google’s algorithm has changed, placing an emphasis on mobile-friendly websites in search results meaning that the value of having a responsive website has shifted from “bonus” to “must-have”.

Like many of our clients, Fox Moving and Storage doesn’t currently employ a full time technical resource internally. Additionally, over the years, they have worked with several different vendors who have implemented various digital marketing strategies leading to multiple domains and websites and an overall lack of organization and cohesion in their online presence. They have been without a blog and have also lacked appeal to some key demographics in their existing style and branding. Over recent years, those factors had begun to impact their success in search engine results placement.

What Did NoSleepForSheep Do to Overcome It?

NoSleepForSheep always designs for mobile first, so we built a mobile-friendly website for Fox Moving and Storage. We built their new website on WordPress which saves them time and money as  we’ve eliminated the need for Fox to have a highly technical staff member or to hire expensive contractors to manage their website. After research, we streamlined the company’s digital presence, consulting on the management of multiple domains. During redesign of Fox Moving’s new site we took into consideration their large female demographic and, perhaps most importantly, we built the Fox Moving and Storage blog to allow for the implementation of  a content marketing strategy based on the publishing of regular, fresh, unique content.

How Successful Have We Been?

There is no better proof of a happy client than that client continuing to do business with you! Fox Moving and Storage has been so happy with their new website that they’ve asked to redesign three additional location websites and a new landing page. Our relationship with Fox Moving has even extended into an ongoing digital marketing management project and we look forward to sharing with you a continued story of success.

nashville website redesign for fox moving company
nashville website redesign for fox moving company nashville website redesign for fox moving company
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