Save Taxes by Moving

The Digital Dilemma

The old site was data-dense, text-heavy and inaccessible on mobile devices. An outdated logo added to the clunky, dated feel.

NoSleepForSheep’s Solution

A much needed design overhaul greatly simplifies the user experience and a new, peppy logo, anchors the site. We ensured the site is responsive making it easy for users on all different devices to easily access the information they need with just a click of a button. Visitors can enter basic data points on the homepage to get estimates of what they could save by relocating to another state.

Advanced options allow input of interest earnings, dividend income, capital gains and itemized deductions. An unambiguous call-to-action, “See How Much Money You Could Save My Moving,” makes it hard to resist trying out the relocation calculator.

The site also leverages the notoriety of economist Arthur Laffer, the “father” of supply-side economics and creator of the Laffer Curve, in a video from Nashville’s own Make It Pop Creations. is a satellite project of The Laffer Center, founded by its namesake.

The result is quick, easy access to tax-related data for people as they consider whether moving to another state makes financial sense.

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