Media Planning / Buying
Piecing together the marketing puzzle.

Why hire an agency for media planning and buying?

While we specialize in digital marketing, it’s not all we know! Digital media is just one piece of the marketing puzzle and media planning is the piecing together of others that will paint the best picture of your brand, products and services.

Choosing the best types of advertising for your brand can be tricky business and can vary from year to year and season to season based upon your business’s changing goals and objectives. In a market the size of Nashville, there can be literally dozens of advertising and marketing opportunities throughout the year, from magazines to television, and from billboards and direct mail to event and sports team sponsorships. Every advertising opportunity gives your brand exposure to varying demographics and it’s an agency’s job to know which demographics are most important to your business’s success. Maybe more importantly, agencies have the ability to negotiate the best rates for improved return on your advertising investment.

What does media buying cost you?

Believe it or not, enlisting an agency to negotiate your media contracts doesn’t cost you a dime! Ad agencies receive a 15% agency discount from media sales outlets because agencies save media outlets time and can bring them multiple clients.

So why not hire us to make your media plans and purchases for you? Give us a call to start today.




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