3 Steps To Overcoming Writer’s Block

Marketing Tips – Overcoming Writer’s Block

Creating content is a process. It is not a one and done activity; it’s a constant, slow endurance sport. And if you are any kind of business owner, you should be publishing content on a regular basis. It’s one of the easiest ways to establish trust and thought leadership for your brand—essentially boosting its identity and awareness to your audience.

But staying cyclical with your content creation process can be hard, especially when your inspiration has dried up. I’m a hand lettering enthusiast and I run into this constantly. Drawing lettered pieces is something that I really enjoy, but when my mind becomes more like the blank page in front of me, the experience has me not wanting to create anything at all. So how do you cut through the creative slump?

The number one thing I can tell you is to simply create. I’m speaking from experience when I say: don’t waste your time trying to get the perfect first draft, because it doesn’t exist. Sometimes when I sit down to letter something I get so engrossed with how the finished product is going to look that I’ll plan and plan, but never actually letter anything. Slap some paint on a canvas, start filling your blank page with words and ideas. They don’t have to be masterpieces; they don’t even have to be good. They just need to be manifested.

If you’re in a rut, start small. Think about some frequently asked questions your clients pose to you about your company or industry. These are great topics that can easily be turned into engaging content on your business blog. The more ideas you can put on paper, the more chance you have of stumbling upon an idea. So, just keep working at it, even if you have to tweak it several times.


Which leads to my second point: Revisions aren’t always fun but they are your friend. You wouldn’t upload a picture to Instagram without an artsy filter and some prior editing, so why would you publish brand content without reviewing ways to improve it first?

As creatives, nothing is ever “finished.” There will always be something you’ll want to change; an infinite number of drafts you could make; and even when the finished product is revealed, our little minds still find things we wish we could refine. Don’t get bogged down in the daunting task of making revision after revision. Instead, think of your edits as constructive critiques, opportunities to learn something new about the content you are creating.

The last piece to the puzzle is that knowing no matter how original you think you are, you’re really not. A bit harsh, I know, but with content being pumped into our universe at lightning speed, it’s virtually impossible to have a 100% original idea. Once you take the pressure off of thinking you have to create something no one has ever thought of before, your creation process will become a lot easier.

Important caveat here: I’m not telling you to copy. You should always be thinking innovatively. But know that it’s okay to look for inspiration outside of yourself. Look to social media, blog posts, nature—anything that provides you with inspiration. Find what you like, then figure out creative ways to make it fit your personal brand and style.


There are no hard and fast rules for creating content. Everyone’s process is different. Whether you’re producing visual, social media, or blog content for your brand it’s important to find a system that works for you. The tips above are some things that help pull me out of my creative slump and keep me accountable. So, with hand lettering and accountability in mind, the Sheep are creating something really fun, functional, and hopefully inspiring for you all. We can’t quite tell you what it is yet, but be sure to follow us on social media to stay up to date on the big reveal.

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