A Look Inside Our Website Redesign

Our old website design was at least 2 years old (possibly older; we haven’t been able¬†to¬†pinpoint its birth date precisely) and during its time, it was featured in dozens of articles showcasing great design.

It’s proof that a good website design is just like good building or furniture design; if it’s built well, it will last through whatever fads may come and go, but a website redesign is a good thing too.

Over the past year NoSleepForSheep has been through a ton of changes: we went from being a part-time venture to being a full-time business. We hired contractors. We moved to offices in downtown Nashville and expanded the services we offered.

Most important, we took a hard look at who we were and what we what type of company we wanted to be going forward.

Looking in the mirror, we knew right away that we wanted to be known for building beautiful, functional websites at a reasonable cost. But we also wanted to be partners with our clients; offering stellar customer support and ongoing marketing and social media strategy services that ensured their sites would actually be successful; generating more business and more fans. Culture was important too, we wanted to be a company that our clients loved working with and employees loved working for.

In other words, we grew up, and it was time our website did too.

For the website redesign, we took everything in the opposite direction: what was dark became light, what was textured became slick and smooth, and illustration was replaced with photography. The new site is white, light and easy to use. There’s also a stronger focus on our work and on our blog, where we’ve been posting more and more about design, content, and running a business in the heart of Music City.

While we’ll miss our quirky design, ultimately the new site better represents who were are now, and the direction we’re moving as a company.