Higgins Funeral Home

Web Design

responsive design, branding

Family owned for four generations, Higgins Funeral Home has been serving the residents of Fayetteville, TN for 110 years. Over the span of more than a century, the Higgins family has both witnessed and been a part of changes in their community and in the funeral and burial practices industry. They turned to NoSleepForSheep for a new, custom website to keep up with that change.

How has Higgins Funeral Home changed?

How people choose to celebrate the life of their loved ones has diversified. Gone are the days of choosing a casket from a catalog and filling rooms with people in dark suits and ties. From golf shirts to memorial videos and slide shows, the options are endless, personal, and customized. Higgins goes out of its way to make a trying and emotional time memorable.

What kind of custom website did Higgins need?

One thing that hasn’t changed in a century of serving families in difficult times is that Higgins’ services celebrate life.¬†With a focus on that celebration of life, the Higgins family knows that the most important thing to their clients are often obituaries. This funeral home offers a permanent place of remembrance by allowing the families they service to leave tributes on their own custom website.

As a business offering personalized services, it was important that the new custom website for Higgins Funeral Home be personal as well. With new head shots, new copy (written by Pamela Coyle of Content Connects) and an improved, easy-to-navigate, responsive experience, NoSleepForSheep built a site for Higgins that reflects the way that they have been serving their customers for more than century.