Fox Moving and Storage

Web Design

Branding, landing pages, SEO

Like many of our clients, Fox Moving and Storage had never employed a full time technical resource internally. Over the years, they worked with several different vendors, each implementing different digital marketing strategies, often at odds with each other.

The end result was multiple orphaned domain names, outdated, non-responsive websites, poor local optimization, and an overall lack of organization or cohesion in their online presence. Even worse, they had been without a blog and the existing branding lacked appeal to some key demographics.

Compounding over years, all those factors had begun to impact their success in search engine results placement and was forcing larger and larger ad spends to drive traffic.

A better managed, cohesive marketing strategy that targets organic growth

NoSleepForSheep started with an audit of Fox Moving’s entire digital footprint including everything from who was hosting their domains, to what reviews existed on various sites, to how all their active properties were ranking on search.

After in-depth research, we created a plan to streamline everything and consulted on how to structure a new website for this multi-market company along with landing pages optimized for pay-per-click.

Fox Moving’s new corporate site was built on WordPress Multi-Site and put the emphasis on providing a mobile-optimized experience that did a better job targeting their largest demographic: women. The new site also finally included a blog to allow for the implementation of  a content marketing strategy based on the publishing of regular, fresh, unique content that will help establish better organic rankings.

In addition, we built out an infrastructure and system for deploying landing pages to help support their pay-per-click campaigns.

And most importantly, all these new tools were easy to manage by the Fox Moving staff… without expensive contractors or technical support.