Stop Wash & Roll

Web Design

ADA compliance, responsive design, branding

Rolling Forward With A New Website SEO Optimized Website

Following a change of ownership, the new owners of Stop Wash & Roll were looking for a fresh start to get them rolling. NoSleepForSheep stepped in to assist them in a full re-branding of the wash, including logo design, brand guidelines, signage, marketing materials, and apparel in addition to the design and development of a new SEO optimized website.

Prior to the launch of the NSFS designed website, Stop Wash & Roll had zero visibility on the web due to poor organic search engine results’ placement. Following the development of the new website with SEO optimization, Stop Wash & Roll ranks on page one locally for relevant keywords.

NoSleepForSheep remedied the car wash’s location not appearing on google maps or apple maps. We also established a Facebook following for the business and have begun building online reviews and have ultimately driven an increase in traffic/sales to the wash by over 100% in first 12 months.

The Arby’s Franchise Website Solution

Many franchise marketing strategies focus heavily on immediate conversions, providing little information to website visitors in order to gather high volumes of leads through contact form submissions. Franchise Performance Group’s strategy, however, is one based on content marketing, presenting multi-media content regarding a franchise’s brand, opportunity and investment, placing a focus on more qualified lead. With our focus on inbound, content marketing strategies, NoSleepForSheep is the perfect partner for FPG in working with nationally known franchise brands like Arby’s. While FPG worked to capture all the buzz and provide a deep dive into the culture and opportunity of Arby’s, NSFS aligned the look and feel of the site to the brand and gave the story of this comeback kid room to shine.

Arby’s Relied on NoSleepForSheep’s web design expertise for:

  • Full Alignment with Arby’s successful and recognizable consumer brand.
  • Best placement of forms for ease of use and highest conversions.
  • Full integration into Arby’s customer relationship management system.
  • Repackaging of Arby’s website content into fully branded downloadable ebook to incentivize conversions.
  • Presentation of multi-media content in a manner that is comfortable to consume.
  • A handcrafted online experience to mirror the Arby’s fresh new dining concept.