Tennessee Arts Commission

Web Design

IA, responsive design, custom development

The Tennessee Arts Commission, which invests in more than 600 nonprofit organizations across the state, benefits communities of all sizes. Their work brings improved quality of life, economic development, tourism and provides a more balanced education for our children. In 2014, they turned to NoSleepForSheep for an improved nonprofit website design and information architecture of just one of their program areas: Arts Education.

The website of Tennessee Arts Commission prior to NoSleepForSheep’s work was difficult to update and manage, frustrating the organization’s staff and hindering their ability to offer engaging, up to date content to their users. As a static site, any changes had to be made by the organization’s sole technical resource.

The Big Site dilemma & how we solved it

As an organization working in support of the arts, it was important to the TN Arts Commission to not only offer an uncomplicated user experience for their website visitors, but also to have a home on the web that was visually pleasing and reflective of their mission, vision, and values.

The first challenge of bringing the new site to life was figuring out how to structure a vast collection of information and resources along with a complex Grant program with layers of documentation. Not only did we have to consider overall architecture, we also had to look at how information would flow section by section, and page by page in order to create a user experience that was as natural and simple as possible.

The flexibility and extensibility of WordPress proved the ideal platform for managing and organizing so much content on both the front-end AND the backend, which meant that even non-technical members of the Arts Commission were empowered to add more rich content on a regular basis.

How successful were we with this nonprofit website design?

Tennessee Arts Commission was so pleased with NSFS’s work on the initial project for their Arts Education website that they hired NSFS to build three additional sites. This project spanning four image–rich websites included a lesson plan database feature for the arts education site which is easy to update and organize on the back end while being easy for users to search on the front end.

NSFS also created the organization’s first blog which has improved SEO and engagement. Internal resources for Tennessee Arts Commission are now able to create great, regular site content which has given them a reason to get social and brings more attention to their commission and its many programs.

Not only was the Tennessee Arts Commission impressed with the website work of NoSleepForSheep, but they also developed such a level of trust in our expertise that two of the team members on from the project were asked to present at the Tennessee Arts Commission 2015 Statewide Arts Conference. See those presentation materials here.