Digital Marketing Buzzwords Defined

We’ve all sat through meetings teeming with digital marketing buzzwords – and let’s be honest, did you even understand the majority of them? We toss these words around to sound smart, but secretly (admit it) most people don’t really know what they mean. With a constant influx of new words, phrases, and systems bursting into the digital marketing industry on the daily, it’s seriously hard to keep up to speed (SEO? CTR? KPI? Say what?).

Sometimes buzzwords can be overused and redundant, reiterating basic information in sophisticated jargon that should honestly be a no-brainer. Like ‘contextual marketing.’ All marketing is contextual – duh. Why does this buzzword even exist?

digital marketing buzzwords

When Digital Marketing Buzzwords Matter

But wait a minute! Some buzzwords actually do have substance. It’s crucial to have a firm grasp on these *actually useful* buzzwords in order to be knowledgeable, agile, and ultimately successful in your digital marketing efforts (or to make heads or tails of the reports and memos your agency is sending you). For example, you just can’t do digital marketing without knowing what engagement or conversions are – period.

digital marketing buzzwords

That is why the NoSleepForSheep interns have collaborated to create a handy infographic. Its purpose is to educate our current clients and future clients and could be-should be clients (a.k.a. you) on 15 of the most important and commonly used terms and definitions in the world of digital marketing. So the next time your agency shows up and tosses around the big words (and little ones too), you won’t be looking like this.

digital marketing buzzwords

Check it out, print it out (because it’s pretty), hang it on your wall and send it to the friends, co-workers and clients with whom you’ve complained about buzzwords.

Get The Digital Buzzwords Defined Infographic HERE.

 15 Digital Buzzwords Like This One Defined:
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