Have you seen it? You gotta see it!

The NoSleepForSheep Flock finally made ourselves a client!

It’s like being a chef who never steps foot into their own kitchen. When you juggle client websites and digital marketing strategies all day, it’s easy to neglect your own. NoSleepForSheep, Nashville web designers, are guilty. Our own little home on the web was starting to look more like a shanty, desperately in need of a facelift, than a chic representation of who we are.

What was NoSleepForSheep’s recipe for our own web design?

We went through the exact same process that we do with our clients, truly turning ourselves into our most important, (and most demanding), customer ever. We locked ourselves in the boardroom, and page by page we noted everything that was coming up short on our current site. Notes in hand, we hit the web for inspiration. We looked at fonts. We looked at award-winning (and some not so award winning) websites. We checked out what our competitors are doing because we wanted to do something different. We browsed graphics and photography and video (oh my!) until we managed to put together a list of things that best reflected who we are, not just what we do. We sent our resident WordNerd away to get a jump start on copywriting. For weeks, there were words scrawled across dry erase boards while we all “lived with them” to decide which ones managed to capture our huge personalities in the most simple of ways!

Nashville Web Designers NoSleepForSheep at Work

It’s been months in the making, but it felt good to step back into our own kitchen to concoct a new recipe, and we at NoSleepForSheep are pretty darn proud of the results. We think you’ll find that the result is easy to follow, with simple ingredients, a handful of puns, a heaping spoonful of “quirk” and just a pinch of “what on earth”.


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