Our Flock


We are living proof that not all sheep are alike. We came from different pastures and see things from different points of view. We are nimble, quick, and haven’t met a hill we couldn’t climb. We solve problems that our clients don’t even know they have. We’re a small flock because biggest is not always best. We are just big enough to solve all your digital marketing and website design problems with ease, but small enough to give your business the one on one attention that it truly deserves. We work with your team, and we sheep know exactly when to follow and when to lead.

Wondering what’s in the name?

Funny thing about sheep, they’re jumping fences for you when you’re trying to catch some ZZZ’s. That’s what your website and digital marketing should be doing for you. Your website, and our marketing strategies, are like employees of your company: gathering information, generating leads, and making sales. The difference between you and those employees is that our websites and marketing strategies are working 24-7-365 (like fence-jumping sheep).