Web Design
not just great design

Website design that works as hard as your sales staff

Lots of people can build a great looking website (okay, maybe not lots), but how far does great design really go? In most ways, not nearly as far as you’d think. It’s like skin deep beauty. It’s only going to captivate you for so long before you start wonder what’s beneath the surface. Don’t get us wrong. We pride ourselves on great design, but we value ourselves on building websites that work.

What’s the value of our website design?

Cost effectiveness – On occasion, someone will ask us why we use WordPress. There isn’t one answer, but many, the first of which is affordability! WordPress is free and we pass that cost savings on to every client we work with. You’re guaranteed a return on investment when we help you keep your investment low.

Manageability – We aren’t exaggerating when we tell our clients that WordPress websites are user-friendly. They’re more than friendly, they’re downright welcoming. Our goal is never to build a site that you need to hire us to manage, but to build a site that YOU can manage. There’s nothing worse than having a website that you don’t how to use.

Scalability – We know you wouldn’t be in business if you didn’t plan to grow. If you’re like us, you have a hundred plans for five years down the line and need your website to grow with you. Thanks to an endless amount plugins and functionalities, WordPress websites grow with you. Need to add E-commerce? No problem. Need to add more pages as you add more services? How about a subscription module? Whatever your plans are for the future, we’ll build you a website that’s ready for more when you are.

Responsiveness – More than just a buzzword, responsiveness matters. Mobile phones and tablets are more accessible to the masses by the day and usage is always on the rise. There’s a distinct possibility that more people are viewing your website on a phone or tablet than they are on a computer. We build websites with mobile first in mind so whether you’re hoping to make the Google search engine happy or to make users happy, your new website will get the mobile job done.

Great Design – Never think that we don’t have our hearts set on hearing you oooh and ahhh over how your site looks when we’re done with it. More than just great design, we build websites that are at the crossroads of classic and current. Our sites are modern, but won’t go out style.

See for yourself and you’re ready for your new website, give us a shout!