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Ch-ch-changes. Kind of like weather in the South, Google is famous for them. It keeps us digital marketers on our toes and makes paid search management a particular challenge. Paid search, also called pay-per-click (PPC), is a digital strategy with a veritable cornucopia of benefits. Measurable, targeted, and FAST, paid search is the fastest way to the top of Google search results, but fruitful return on investment requires insightful strategies and effective management.

The value of enlisting an agency to manage your paid search campaigns.

It’s our time. One of the largest costs associated with paid search is far higher than the cost per click – it’s your time! Analyzing the wealth of information Google provides for improved targeting and ROI takes hours out of the month and your time is valuable. Leaving it to the experts puts time back into your day.

We stay on top of the ch-ch-changes. Not being fully aware of Google’s changes to placement and guidelines is costly. Lack of knowledge can turn a successful PPC campaign into an unsuccessful one seemingly overnight. It’s our job to keep up with Google.

Graphics and copy that convert. Like all marketing campaigns, engagement without conversion is pointless. We apply our knowledge of copy and graphics that convert to your paid search ads and your landing pages.

Tracking and reporting. We know what we’re looking for. We understand which metrics tell the story of your PPC search success and failures. We gather and analyze the data and provide you with quick and easy reports, minimizing your time involvement and maximizing your success.

Integrated planning. Paid search management is not all we do. With experience in website design, content marketing, social media strategy, SEO and more, NoSleepForSheep has the ability to integrate PPC campaigns into your overall marketing strategy.

Don’t let Google’s changing moods throw you for a loop. Let the sheep manage your paid search. Let us know you’re ready to get started today!