Social Media Management
so you have a facebook page… now what?

Is your social media marketing successful?

Social media marketing can feel a little bit like high school. Admit it, you check out your competitors’ Facebook and Twitter pages and compare yourself, don’t you? Do you feel a little inadequate if they have more Instagram followers than you? Envy their number of YouTube views? It happens. The funny thing about social media, though, it that┬áhe who has the most friends does not always win. The question is, “Do you want to be popular or do you want to be successful?” A lot of people can tell you how to be popular on social media, but we focus on making you a success.

Numbers don’t lie and a successful social media marketing strategy grows more than just your fan base. It grows your business. We help our clients put together integrated┬ádigital marketing strategies that leverage and monetize their social media audiences. It can easy to get caught up in the thrill of the engagement, but we implement metrics driven strategies to help turn your followers into buyers.

No matter what your needs in social media marketing, we have a plan for you.

Don’t know where to start? We offer social media strategy and planning. With a focus on your brand and telling your story, we can put together a plan for which social media outlets you should be leveraging and tell you how to do it and then step out of your way.

Find yourself swimming analytics? Maybe you’ve made yourself pretty popular on social media and don’t know what’s next. With our social media analysis and coaching, we can make sense of the numbers for you and give you guidance on how to your existing presence into a dollar and cents.

Want to maintain a professional presence? Some clients want us to take the wheel and manage their online presence day in and day out to keep up the most consistent and professional appearance possible. With us managing your social media marketing for you, we’ll create the brand specific and relevant content for you.