Re-evaluating your core mission is a lot like… going back to the drawing board.

Core Missions Under Construction

Right before the New Year, we posted a list of 5 things you should do to improve your online presence in 2014. We thought it was worth going a little deeper into each section.

Next up: Re-evaluating and re-focusing on your core mission

Re-evaluating and refocusing on your core mission is a lot like… going back to the drawing board.

Going back to the drawing board is when we all look back and consider what we did right, what did wrong, and what we could have done better. Sometimes our reflections seem to encapsulate our failures (We could have done this better), but more importantly, they’re a time to renew all of our hopes and dreams for ourselves and our companies.

As you’re taking some time to reflect, plan and dream, here’s a few good guiding questions to get you started on your journey of discovery.

  • Is your core mission still relevant? This is a pretty loaded question. It’s something worth asking yourself, your team members and doing research into your industry. If you find that what you’ve started with just doesn’t apply anymore, it’s okay. Think about how exciting it’s going to be to re-position and move forward into new territories. If your core mission is still on target, well done.
  • Do your goals need to be re-aligned to changes in the market? This question piggybacks from the previous one. Markets change. It may be that your customers still need your services, but to continue growing you might need to modify your offerings. It could also be that the market is headed in a completely different direction from where you are and what you’ve been doing that you need to either re-align, or change markets completely.
  • Are there things that you could do better next year to serve your clients and customers? Here at NoSleepForSheep we’re all about putting the customer experience first and foremost in everything that we do. Some things to think about are how you’re handling client happiness, followup, problem resolution and general communication. We all have days where things can seem to get away from us, but as long as you can stay one step ahead of your customer, it’s a win for everyone.

These are some heavy questions and it’s not really something we recommend trying to tackle in the midst of your typical workweek. Going back to the drawing board is a great time for scheduling a retreat. As the principal of your company, you can choose to do this alone, or collaboratively take a few core members of your team with you to plan and dream.

The most important thing is to rest, relax, breathe and dream. It’s the recipe for greatness.