Nashville Web Developers NSFS Move Downtown

The traffic isn’t bad, the food is good, and the people are awesome: NoSleepForSheep, Nashville web developers,¬†are officially rocking at their new office space on 4th Ave. in downtown Nashville.

When you’re a small, growing, service-based company like we are, the great thing is that you can really focus on working closely with each of your clients and creating amazing customer experiences. You know, those values that sometimes can get lost at larger companies.

The down side is that like most small businesses, you’re always watching the budget and trying to be savvy in every financial decision you make. The mid-90s taught us all how NOT to run a start up. So when we decided to start seriously consider downtown office space, we immediately looked at co-working space instead of a cool pad on Music Row.

Co-working isn’t a new idea, it’s been floating around in cities with bigger start-up and tech communities for a few years now, but in Nashville the whole thing is still a little bit of a secret.

Here’s the gist of what it’s all about: Depending on the facility, you can generally rent a desk in an open, shared space, a cubical, or a suite(s). All the members of the facility share a communal spaces like conference and break rooms, as well as having access to fax, printer and sometimes even voice mail and reception services.

For start-ups and small creative companies, the arrangement is ideal. The cost is almost always less than traditional office space, and you can upgrade your space as your company grows. Better yet: co-working spaces are usually hotbeds of creative energy and networking opportunities abound.

We’re officially housed at CoLab now, but there’s a few other players in town too, including ESpaces.

We love talking about business & design. If you want to chat about co-working, entrepreneurship, or how we could help with your start up, get in touch.