To grow your worth, know your worth.

Unless you’re America’s next Thomas Edison, you’re not likely selling a one-of-a-kind product or service. If you are the next Edison, you likely know your value and we’ll catch you on TV hardball negotiating an insane valuation with venture capitalists. If you’re like the rest of us, you’re running a business that’s “been done” or selling a product that’s “been seen” even if it’s been reimagined. In that case, the only way you’re going to grow your worth is to know your worth.

So what is your worth?

In marketing and website design, I go through a process of discovery with every new client. I ask at least a dozen questions: What do you make or sell? Who are your customers and who do you want your customers to be? What are your challenges? Your goals? The list goes on… All that and the most important question is the one many business owners don’t know how to answer: “What separates you from your competition?” And the answer to that question is your worth.

The importance of your worth to modern marketing.

Gone are the days of features and benefits. You’ll rarely hear a digital marketer talk about value propositions, product positioning, demand creation or market segmentation. You will hear them talk about industry authority, customer relationships and building trust. They’ll tell you all about brand storytelling. Your story is who you are as a person, a company and a brand. That’s your story and it is different from anyone else’s story. It’s in where you started and WHY you started. It’s which unique problems you solve, what you offer to your customers that others don’t and what you have that your competitors can’t offer. Is it experience? Knowledge? A different buying experience? Are you a unique personality or do you target an under-served customer base? Something separates you and that is the worth that you need to know if you want to grow.

Still don’t know? Think on it! Want us to help you figure it out or to tell your brand story for you? Just shout.