Web Design for Women – Beyond Pink

For decades, men dominated the advertising and tech industries. It’s no surprise that we still see the after effects of that today. It’s more common than you’d expect. Clients call us to redesign their websites and the first thing we point out to them is that their existing websites are masculine – dark, cluttered, hard to navigate, lacking in imagery of people and worst of all, unresponsive! In every way, they’re missing the marketing to women boat.

Why market to women?

We went into great detail on the NoSleepForSheep blog recently when we talked here about marketing to women. We highly recommend you give that article a read, but to summarize, women aren’t just making a lot of purchasing decisions, they are making nearly ALL purchasing decisions. They control up to 85% of all consumer buying power in the US and are responsible for nearly 7 trillion in annual spending. Across every industry, purchasing all types of products and services, women aren’t just buying for themselves. They’re buying for their families, friends and businesses too. The power of the purse is almost overwhelming.

web design for women

What about web design for women?

I can tell you what web design for women shouldn’t be. It shouldn’t be pink, puppies, flowers and yoga pants. Well, maybe it should be those things if you’re rehoming puppies or selling flowers and yoga pants, but if you’re selling real estate, technology, automobiles, vacations, banking services, healthcare or any of the other millions of products and services that women are buying daily, then your website shouldn’t be pink. Below is a list of a few things you should consider in web design for women, though.

  • Responsiveness – We speak so much about the importance of mobile-friendly websites that I think we’re starting to sound like broken records, but hey, it’s important. Women are on the go now more than ever and will be accessing your website on phones and tablets as much or more than desktops.
  • Testimonials – Key to reaching a female demographic successfully is gaining trust. Win women over with words from real people through testimonials, reviews and case studies.
  • Imagery of people – All people do business with people more than they do business with a brand, but it’s especially true of women. Personalize your business online with images of people not just product. Even better, integrate images of your people and tell their stories.
  • Clear navigation – Have we mentioned that women are busy and on the go?! They don’t have time to waste and if they can’t find the information they need quickly and navigate your site with ease, they’re likely to navigate on to your competitor’s site instead.
  • White space – As a matter of fact, less is more. Women don’t care for the clutter. Keep your styling clean and leave a little white space.
  • Conversational tone – Keep your female audience in mind when it comes to copy too. Keep your tone lighter, more friendly and conversational in nature. Talk with your female audience, not at them. They’ll trust you more.
  • Shareable – Women are your most likely customers to become brand advocates. They share what they love. Make it easy for them to share, tweet, and pin your products, pricing and website content.
  • FAQ’s – Women research, compare and often research again. Load your website with links to further reading. Include FAQ’s. Make it easy for women to research and they will be more likely to buy from you.
  • Contact information – We may all make jokes about women being more willing than men to read directions and ask for help, but it’s no joke. If women have questions, they are likely to ask them. Give them a clear place to contact your business for more information.
  • Think neutral – One of the biggest mistakes made in web design for women is trying to design for women. Think more along the lines of gender neutral. Your website doesn’t have be feminine. It just needs to not be masculine.

Do you think your website might be lacking in appeal to women? We can help. Take a look at what we did for one of clients here and contact us to talk more about web design for women today. We may know better than anyone. We’re a flock full of ewes. 😉