Website redesign has Fox Moving and Storage moving on UP!

Fox Moving and Storage Website Redesign Project

Established but rapidly growing businesses often have a different set of challenges than new businesses have. Over the course of several years, savvy business owners make a lot of changes to their websites and their overall marketing strategy. They may have vendor relationships come and go, and the technology and best practices of digital marketing shift around them. One of NoSleepForSheep’s newest website redesign clients experienced all of that and it was really holding them down in search results.

The things that were holding Fox Moving down

Nashville moving company Fox Moving and Storage was the owner of a non-mobile-friendly website in a mobile-friendly world. Mobile usage has been on the rise for years and as high powered smart phones and tablets are increasingly more accessible to the masses, it’s only going up! With changes to Google’s algorithm placing an emphasis on mobile-friendly websites in mobile search results, the value of having a responsive site has shifted from “bonus” to “must-have”.

What else was holding Fox Moving and Storage down before their website redesign? The weight of many of the same challenges we see in all growing businesses. Fox Moving and Storage doesn’t have a full time technical resource internally, and not only that, but over the years, they’ve worked with several different vendors and implemented a number of different digital marketing strategies leading to multiple domains with multiple websites, and an overall lack of organization in their digital presence. They hadn’t implemented a blog and there was a lack of appeal to some key demographics in their existing style and branding. Somewhere along the way, that all began to impact their success in search engine results placement (SERP).

nashville website redesign for fox moving company

What did NoSleepForSheep do to bring Fox up?

Because we always design for mobile first, NoSleepForSheep built a mobile-friendly website for Fox Moving and Storage and we built it on WordPress. What does WordPress do for clients facing the challenges of growing businesses? It saves them time and money…and we all know that time is money, so we are saving our client a lot of it! We’ve eliminated the need for Fox to have a highly technical internal resource or to hire expensive contractors to manage their site for them. We researched and streamlined the company’s digital presence, reviewing and consulting on the management of multiple domains. Our website redesign for Fox Moving and storage increased appeal to their large female demographic and, perhaps most importantly, we built the company’s blog to allow for publishing of regular, fresh, unique content as a key component of a content marketing strategy.

How Successful Have We Been ?

The number one sign you have a happy client is that client continuing to do business with you! Our website redesign Fox Moving and Storage website was yet another project that NoSleepForSheep completed on-time and on-budget. Our client has been so happy with the results that our relationship has extended beyond a new website and into an ongoing digital marketing management relationship. In less than two months since launch, Fox Moving’s placement in organic search engine results has improved, their bounce rate is below industry standard and their conversion rates improve daily. We look forward in the upcoming months to sharing with you a continued story of ongoing success as we keep Fox Moving and Storage moving on UP on the web!

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