what’s with the name?

Why “NoSleepForSheep”?

Experts have nailed down the origins of “counting sheep” in order to fall asleep to somewhere around the 12th or 13th century. The idea, more or less, is that if you suffer from insomnia, or are too stressed sleep, you simply visualize fat, puffy sheep jumping gracefully over a fence.

And count them.

Until, out of sheer boredom, you fall asleep.

NoSleepForSheep started in 2011 with deep roots in the music industry and an immediate roster of artists and management as clients. An industry with an over-sized reputation and even bigger stars, Music is always “on” (especially during award season). So when it came to choosing a name, we played on themes that emphasized our mission of making digital marketing easy for our clients, so they could rest easy at night. We’re the sheep that never sleep. And you can always count on us.

Since then, we’ve broadened our client base and worked with organizations and companies in dozens of industries, but the mission and name has stayed the same. Plus, we’re told it’s pretty darn impossible to forget.

Pretty effective marketing, right?