Why Great Websites Cost More than You Think

The Cost of Great Nashville Websites

You can buy a great car or you can buy a cheap car. But generally you can’t buy a great cheap car – unless it was recently involved in a drug bust. Websites and cars have a lot in common. There are good ones and bad ones… and whatever you choose to purchase is an investment.

From 0-60 in 5.6 seconds

When you look at a luxury car like a Tesla, you can immediately tell it’s built with superior components and craftsmanship: state of the art electric motor and batteries, leather interior, quality sound system, and a hundred other factors both big and small. And if you go to purchase one, you’ll likely be treated to a superior buying experience that extends to the customer service you receive even after you’re completed the sale.

There’s also a lot of work that goes into producing a Tesla that you’ll never even see; thousands of hours spent by engineering and design teams that have combed over every functional and aesthetic detail of the car to produce the final result that you see on a showroom floor.

The price tag is steep, but what you’re paying for is a superior product, superior experience, and a car that is incredibly fun to drive.

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High end websites aren’t so different.

They might include a half-dozen tangible components such as custom programming, e-commerce integration, mobile compatibility, branding, multiple design revisions, copy writing, social media integration, mailing lists and SEO.

But there are just as many components that are less tangible and tougher to quantify: goal analysis, competitive research, testing, UI design, design detail, client education, and the sheer number of hours involved in taking the project from start to finish.

All these factors go into creating a website that is as much a luxury product as a Tesla. And so it shouldn’t be surprising that you pay a premium for it.

On the other hand…

Most of us can’t afford a Tesla, but unless we have no alternative, we generally stay away from shady-looking dealerships advertising cars for under $1,000. Sure, a car from Cars-2-Go will usually get you where you want to go… for a while at least. And a cheap or free website usually gets you an online presence.

Sort of.

But will it do what you want and need? Will it continue to run like a fine-tuned machine? Is it a joy to use?

A bargain site will never truly showcase your talent, product or personality. Cheap-ing out with a template or DIY site means little or no customization, basic if any search engine optimization, and poorly integrated social media. And forget about having someone there to help you if the site breaks down or needs a tune-up.

All that intangible stuff that goes into engineering a Tesla or even moderately priced website is even harder to appreciate – because it just isn’t there.

If the site ever had that new-car smell, it will fade. Quickly.

Toyotas are Still Good Cars

But between Teslas and the bargain buys off a sketchy car lot are a ton of vehicles along many price points. Toyotas, for example, are stylish cars with tons of options for new buyers to choose from.

At NoSleepForSheep, we love options.

We really love creating websites for Nashville businesses with features that do exactly what our clients need. We are not an off-the-rack shop because we want each artist, entrepreneur or company we work with to get both a fabulous site and exemplary service – including personal attention that does not end when the site is launched.

You won’t get that with even the best “cheap site”. The Sheep build sites that do. Think of us as the Toyota-builders of  Nashville website development and design. And yes, the sweet Tesla-level upgrade is available, too.

Your Website is an Investment

We know, justifying the cost of more than a few hundred bucks for a website can be tough. In the past, as long as you actually had a presence on the Internet, you were generally ahead of your competition. But those days are gone.

Today, your website is the front line of your business or brand: chances are, except in the case of direct referrals (and sometimes even then), your website will meet your new customers and fans before you do. What will they find?

If your site is built properly, if you leverage social media correctly, if you write about what you do regularly and in an engaging fashion, potential customers will find the information and good vibes that make them want to know more.

Isn’t that worth the investment?