Why Your Business Needs a WordPress Website

Think WordPress is blogging software?

Think again.

WordPress is an opensource content management system (CMS) that more and more businesses are using to power their websites. Did you know that today over 45% of all websites are powered by the WordPress content management system?

There are some really compelling reasons why so many businesses are switching to WordPress to power their websites:

1. It’s Affordable.

Unless you are building the next google, most websites have pretty much the same basic features: informational pages, contact forms, photo/video galleries, and news.

Which means you probably don’t need to spend $8000+ reinventing the wheel and building a custom CMS for your site.

Because WordPress is open source, it’s free to use. This means that robust sites cost less to build and you can dedicate your budget towards more important things, like a killer design and ongoing marketing to help your business grow.

2. It outperforms other options for SEO. 

Successful SEO (search engine optimization) relies on a lot of different overlapping parts and pieces including well written meta tags, ongoing and relevant content, and correctly structured pages.

Ranking well locally and/or for particular search terms can sometimes take months of ongoing work. But thanks to built in features that give your SEO an immediate jump-start, WordPress sites are often the fastest to rank. Period.

3.  There’s a Plugin for that.

Want to convert visitors to Facebook fans? Or display a slideshow of your recent work? There’s a plugin for that. Sort of like an app on a iPhone or Android smartphone, plugins are tiny little programs that do one specific thing. WordPress developers share widgets, which means that there’s a huge library of existing modules that solve common problems.

This modular nature of WordPress means that it’s easy and cost-effective to add new functionality to sites.

4. Content is separate from design.

One of the real challenges for businesses has always been that every time you redesign your website, you lose all your old content. All of those pages Google had categorized suddenly disappear from the search engine and you have to start from scratch.

WordPress uses a database to store pages, posts and all content which means you can easily change out your design. Plus, because the site is database driven, all your old content is kept online. This makes updating your look and feel much easier and really impacts your online visibility.

5. Easy to use.

Although these days WordPress is known as the most popular website management system, it actually started out as a blogging platform. Which means it had to be really simple to use for people with almost no technical knowledge. Over the years, it’s only gotten better.

Want to change text on a page, create a new one or post a blog article? Add new images to a gallery or update deals and discounts?

Anyone in your company can learn to do it in less than twenty minutes (and we offer training for all of our clients). This means you save money on ongoing maintenance because you don’t need to hire someone every time you need a minor tweak to your site.

At NoSleepForSheep, 90% of the websites we build for businesses are built on WordPress. The sites we build are not only beautiful, but functional too. And best of all, they allow our clients to focus on building their business instead struggling with a website that’s hard to manage.

Ready to convert your site to WordPress? Start a conversation with us today. You’ll be happy you did.