It’s Official! We are a Woman-Owned Business

It may not be a surprise you that we are a woman-owned business. Our clients and friends already know it, but as of September 27th of this year, it’s officially official. We are WBE certified, meaning that we are at least 51% owned and operated by women. (For the record, we are 100% owned and operated by women).

Why Did We Seek Certification as a Woman-Owned Business?

woman-owned businessAside from the fact that we are proud to be a woman-owned web design agency, getting certified just makes plain good business sense. One of the biggest benefits of getting WBE certification is that it means we are qualified to bid on contracts where there are stipulations that a certain percentage of business must go to women or minority-owned firms. It also gives us credibility. Being certified means that someone from a certifying agency has poured our over paperwork and financials and deemed us to be an established, legitimate company that is, in fact, owned and operated by women. That is all the more reason for our potential clients to trust us!

What Was the Certification Process Like?

That is the question we hear the most and the answer is: Detailed! We buried ourselves in the required paperwork and applications and then dug ourselves out just in time for the in-person interview. Honestly, it mostly just takes a little time and patience, and ultimately, it’s totally worth it. If you are a woman-owned business and want to know more about the process, just call us. We’re happy to share our experience and advice with you.