WordPress Events Make for Happy Sheep!

There’s rarely a dull moment in the fold around here, so it can be easy to forget about life beyond the fence. But a penned up sheep is a dull sheep, which is why we’re lucky we have WordPress events. WordPress events and conferences are the perfect excuse to venture out into the world to learn a little something new.

We love these WordPress events!

Last month, the majority of our flock was out at WordCamp Nashville for the weekend, connecting with other WordPress experts, learning about all the latest tricks to maximizing WordPress for our clients, and showing off our adorable sheep Wapuu stickers.

wordpress events

In November, we’re sending one lone sheep off to share some Nashville WordPress love with the wider world. D’nelle Dowis, the NSFS project manager, is headed to WordCamp Denver, where she’ll be one of the hosts of the Business Town Hall.

Building WordPress websites isn’t just about coding or design or content. It’s about taking all of those little pixels, plus a bunch more than many folks never see, and arranging them just so until they turn into one big picture of a happy, healthy little – or not so little – website.

All of those different pieces, combined with how quickly web technologies, trends and standards change, mean that it’s super important for every member of our team to regularly challenge themselves with new ideas, new people, and new conversations and WordPress events give us just the place to do so! The great thing about WordPress is how large and how diverse the community is. In addition to sharing her own perspective at the Business Town Hall, D’nelle¬†will be attending sessions about improving project kick-offs, eCommerce best practices, and making websites more accessible to everyone. Aside from the structured programming, there will be plenty of opportunities to relax and get to know other WordPress enthusiasts from across the country, so she can bring back all the best ideas and put them to work for our clients.

If you’re curious about WordCamps and other WordPress events to learn more about the platform we’re all so bullish on, you don’t have to travel very far to find some superb programming. The Nashville WordPress MeetUp regularly offers classes, workshops, informational sessions and casual mixers. They’re meant for anyone who uses WordPress, from bloggers and business owners to designers and developers. The sheep are regularly at these events, so if you need a buddy, don’t hesitate to give us a shout. Of course, if you’re more inclined to leave the WordPress website development to the experts, we’ve got you covered there, too. That’s exactly why we keep heading out to camps and MeetUps.

We’ll miss D’nelle while she’s out west, but we’re sure her time there will be well worth it. We’ll share some of her adventure on our Instagram and Twitter accounts, so you can follow along on her adventure. And if you happen to be in the Denver area the first weekend in November, make sure to say baaaa! when you see her!